Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M 2.0) | Cara Memohon dan Menyemak Permohonan.

1. Pendaftaran Permohonan Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia ( BR1M ) 2.0 boleh dilakukan secara online atau secara manual. Pemohon yang layak boleh memohon bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia ini bermula pada 1 November 2012.MEMOHON BANTUAN RAKYAT 1MALAYSIA  (BR1M) 2.0 SECARA ONLINEDOWNLOAD BORANG BANTUAN RAKYAT 1MALAYSIA (BR1M) 2.02. Siapakah yang layak untuk memohon BR1M 2.0?Isi rumah yang layak memohon... Continue Reading →

China "Did" it Again: Fake Egg!

After a "successful" on duplicating all branded items, now China created new spooky kind of thing, it was an egg. It's already arrive here in Malaysia. The email being circulating all over internet before. Check the photo below:The explainations in Malay language:Some from contains inside the email:Beware you guys and girls!During a recent raid on... Continue Reading →

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