Do You Feel It’s Secure?

If you entering the toilet, bathroom, changing room (fitting room) in any hotel or any retails , how confident you are that the mirror hanging on the wall really a regular mirror, or is it a two-way mirror or double-sided (people behind the mirror can see you, while you can’t see them)There’s many place people... Continue Reading →

Amazon Kindle

For the first time today as i watched Oprah (no shit i'm a fan of her programme), i saw one kind of things which interested me alot. And i'm thinking of buying it very soon. I'm talking about Amazon Kindle (A device for reading an E-Book). Its like putting all your book inside and no... Continue Reading →

There’ll Be "Eclipse" Anywhere In This World

Well this is great news for cinema-goers everywhere. Their favourite macho vampire with ultra-humongous werewolves size are back on silver screen. This is the 3rd series from the saga.. Maybe lots of you already know bout the movie..although it being said as horror but actually it's not even horror.. It's a teenage romantic movie.. and... Continue Reading →

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