Jakarta #1

Aku tiba di Jakarta pada Sabtu lepas dan rasanya ini saja waktunya untuk mengemaskini blog sambil berehat dibilik hotel iaitu di Hotel Sentral, Jalan Salemba, Jakarta. Ini lah hotel yang murah di kota Jakarta ini iaitu RM100 lebih semalaman. Semuanya ada di hotel ini termasuk prostitusi. Serius ni.Tapi tujuan aku ke Jakarta bukan untuk itu.... Continue Reading →


My day so hectic this Saturday with lots activities. First, i went to the bank to withdraw some money. and after that went to meet Robin my friend from Vormit and Spitzum band. We chat a little bit about the scene and what's going on in our everyday life. Ah.. i forgot to mention Yus... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Cry No More

*I cant stop crying when i read the news on Sunday afternoon. Thanks Kai for informing me this.. Lots of this i learn from him. Jorn we will always missing you. He had passed away causing by Leukimia (After a long struggle to fight it).  We met because of music.. we had a fight but... Continue Reading →

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