Attention Kuching, Sarawak: Casting For German Telemovie

For those from Kuching and wanna try their luck in Film Industry, come for audition for extras in German Telemovie:Date:30th June-3rd JulyLocation:Grand Maghuerita Hotel, KuchingTime:9.00 am-6.00 pmAge 20-50 Years old (Male and Female)Contact: Please Call Deane 019.616.5803 / 012.972.2116You can wear anything as you want.. jangan saja menjolok mata.. what are you waiting for? This... Continue Reading →

My Name Is Khan, And I’m Not A Terrorist

Some guy thinks he’s the Indian Incarnation of Forrest Gump. Similarities are purely coincidental. SynopsisRizwan Khan, suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, sets on a journey to meet the President of the United States so he can tell him one single thing: “I am not a terrorist”.2010 : YearKaran Johar : DirectorShahrukh Khan/Kajol Devgan : Actor/Actress$4M (limited release)... Continue Reading →

There’ll Be "Eclipse" Anywhere In This World

Well this is great news for cinema-goers everywhere. Their favourite macho vampire with ultra-humongous werewolves size are back on silver screen. This is the 3rd series from the saga.. Maybe lots of you already know bout the movie..although it being said as horror but actually it's not even horror.. It's a teenage romantic movie.. and... Continue Reading →

Chukang: A Controversial Short Story

I got the movie link via my friend Fiq. He said chukang and chukang again... and laugh... so i said what is it? He gave me the link. Ahh.. a short movie by our local Malaysian. When i make a little bit research about it, there's some story that the director being threatened by some... Continue Reading →

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