Gambar Facebook Mogok Lapar Palestin

Tahanan palestin sekarang sedang mengadakan mogok lapar paling terbesar dalam sejarah dunia. Dicatatkan mogok lapar selama 76 hari tanpa makan dan minum bagi menentang kekejaman Israel. Antara tuntutan mereka adalah hak asasi sebagai tawanan perang, pendidikan dan lain-lain seperti yang diishtiharkan oleh undang-undang antara bangsa. Dengan hanya menukar gambar profil, ini dapat membantu tahanan palestin... Continue Reading →

Mavi Marmara = Terrorists Flotilla?

This another fitnah by Zionist regime just to hide their crime. These act of cowardness should be stop. Maybe the OIC have their own agenda (or maybe some arabs nowadays only bunch of cowards not like the Palestinian and some true blood who fight for peace).Some proof that the Zionist just a coward, they hide... Continue Reading →

Try Not To Cry

If you saw these photos, what do you feel?What if, they're your family, friends, childrens? Until when you wanna ignore these acts.What do you think? Until when these violence will end?(most photos leeched from

Free Palestine!!

Our eyes already opened widely by the incident in the world today but many of us still say "it's not my problem" like an ignorance who doesn't care with anything. If we keep thinking like this, we might found ourselves end-up inside the toilet bowl, our life ended like shit. Until when we can be... Continue Reading →

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