Beauty in The Darkness

Her name's Doris Yeh, and she plays black metal.This is her band, Chthonic, in full black metal regalia.And here's a video of their song "Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains." like a bunch of Cradle of Filth worshippers. Which isn't a bad thing for someone like me who digs CoF (at least, their first few albums). It just... Continue Reading →

The 23 Hottest Pop/Rockstar Daughters

Let's see. There are 23 hottest Pop/rockstar daughters in this post. And if you asked me before I could name only three or four of them. Now I've seen them all. Awesome. Well, it's excluding Kelly Osbourne (daughter of Ozzy Osbourne.)Liv TylerDaughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven TylerErin LucasDaughter of AC/DC bassist Cliff WilliamsIndia WatersDaughter... Continue Reading →

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