We Must Fight This!

What if you enter one blog that talking "shitty" things on your religion? I know you will piss-off unless you put religion only a symbol on your ID. I'm talking here about Islam, do you want Islam to be bully? Being called racist? Homo? or pedophiles?double-click for larger imageHow about a caricature that shows Mohammed... Continue Reading →

Being Scorcese

"James Cameron is the best film director of the decade".. "Huh?!" the questions filled with shocks inside my head. It's popped out like an atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Do you think he is? After lots of awards being brought back by Avatar, the movie considered as overrated to me. What so special about it? A... Continue Reading →

How To Know If She’s Virgin Or Not?

This post actually posted by my friend here in Bahasa Malaysia.. (thanks Jard). Quite interesting tho, do you think virginity so "important" for a guy to choose their life-partner? For people in the West, i think this can be put aside because most of the girls there sexually actives when they reach teens age. Is... Continue Reading →

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