This is Sunday. And i feel so tired from yesterday's gig. The Metalhhead Fest 2011. And today i can't connect to streaming again due busy to entertain my friend and my connection damn slow. I cannot control myself from making busy everyday now. Feel addicted to it. I can only be rest when i'm sleeping.... Continue Reading →

Kneel and Disconnect

I don't wanna forget everything. The basic and compulsory things. Strictly "wajib" for me/us. I can't ignore my self to kneel in front of you. King of all the kings.. King of all Presidents which we only your slave. I can't wait the time comes,.. I can't wait talking again with YOU.I feel so little... Continue Reading →

Different Religions under One God

All creations are submitting to themselves to God alone.Do they seek other than the 'deen' (system of submission) of God, while to Him submitted all creatures in the heaven and the earth, willingly or unwillingly. And to Him shall they all be returned. (Qur'an 3:83)Including the physical body of the criminal himself/herself is actually submitting... Continue Reading →

My Love For You

She can not own meI was not made to bebought or soldShe can not control meI’m not a puppet on her stringsShe can not direct memy path is not the one her choseShe can no longer hurt memy strength surpasses herYou can love meand I will love you in returnYou can gently guide meand I... Continue Reading →

5 Steps To Make Love

Everyone wants to know how to make love the right way and the real art behind it. Love making does not only involve sexual pleasure but also a happier mood and a stronger relationship in the long term. In order to benefit from love making both partners should derive mutual satisfaction from the act which... Continue Reading →

48 Hours Before Eid

This post suppose to be made on Friday.. but due to some problem (my body aching again terribly). That day, i went out to buy some dvd and cd but it seems the town of KK look very crowded. I hate crowded places actually. I feel breathless inside the busy place and i'm claustrophobic..First of... Continue Reading →

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