He Teach Me How To Love

Maybe many of us still didn't understand our own existence on earth. It's not about wealth, nor fame. It's such a waste of human thought if we have been into those kind of thinking. It's all about to understand of LOVE of "God" which surrounded us everyday. In our life, in everything. Honestly, i'm deepening... Continue Reading →

Famous Scholars of Sufism In The History

Definition of sufism: Struggling against hypocrisy, inwardly and outwardly. (al-jihadu `alae-n-nifaaqi dzaahiran wa baatinan). The earliest scholars of sufism, after the noble Prophet (saw), himself, include many of his family members and companions.  Imam 'Ali ibn Abu Talib, Abu Dhar al-Ghiffari, and many others are counted among them. I took me a month to compile their names... Continue Reading →

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