There’ll Be "Eclipse" Anywhere In This World

Well this is great news for cinema-goers everywhere. Their favourite macho vampire with ultra-humongous werewolves size are back on silver screen. This is the 3rd series from the saga.. Maybe lots of you already know bout the movie..although it being said as horror but actually it's not even horror.. It's a teenage romantic movie.. and... Continue Reading →

New Moon Review

Before i start, i would like to say thanks to The Body Shop for the free tickets. 15 of us were chosen to watch the New Moon movie. This is the 2nd book from The Twilight Saga.  The movie tickets being distributes by Fara and the movie details as follow;Date: 27th November 2009Venue: 1 BorneoTime:... Continue Reading →


I just keep watching "Twilight" DVD last Saturday and i tracked what so different between the reading and watching. Of course, there's a different from the book itself.While people keep debating about it, i find some similarity inside the story. It's the dialogue and i think it's too powerful inside the movie. Especially when kept... Continue Reading →

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