So Far…Update 2012

Agak lambat rasanya untuk aku ucapkan selamat tahun baru buat semua.. especially for my blog visitors... (macam famous)... jadi HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 AD to all of you out there... takkan aku nak wish happy new year untuk tahun masehi saja kan.. tentu untuk tahun Hijrah juga yang disambut oleh masyarakat Islam setiap tahun.Blog aku... Continue Reading →


Today is a sad day after the launching of iPhone 4s aka iPhone 5 by some fanatical consumers on the product which according to some news headline, it failed to wow investors and consumers. Steven Paul Jobs aka Steve Jobs has passed away today 6th October 2011 (5th October 2011 EST).This one also the final... Continue Reading →


We meet again on this very beautiful Wednesday. I had a very surprised news today, one of the teacher here knew my ex-girfriend during my college day. She said she was very nice person. Good lord that was a great impression of her. Stop talking about my ex.Now i feel like i'm back as a... Continue Reading →

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