Ruang Komen dan Domain

Asalamualaikum buat semua dan selamat hari raya Aidiladha... ok setelah sekian lama aku berfikir.... akhirnya aku pun ambil keputusan untuk mendapatkan domain sendiri buat blog aku ni beserta dengan menghidupkan semula ruangan komen kat setiap entri aku.. dan untuk domain, aku berjaya mendapatkan satu dengan harga USD1/tahun yang dibeli kat Memang kira berbaloi lah... Continue Reading →

Tips To Boost-Up Your Upload/Download Speed

Im writing this guide for the users who have slow speeds in there torrent client because i'm a downloader/uploader. If you have'nt already patched the TCPIP.sys file in Windows XP,your torrents will run slow because XP is limiting the amount of Half-open Connections.First click here and download the zip file and extract it. (Make sure... Continue Reading →

Modify Your "New" Facebook Layout

There's so many tips for new Facebook layout recently. Well, i tell you many people not satisfy with the layout. Maybe, Zuckerberg's try to experiment a more new layout in the future. Who knows.. but seriously, i won't click it anymore. Serious.. i swear. While tweeting i saw one person from America suddenly reply to... Continue Reading →

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